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Hradec Králové Region

Hiking in Bohemian Paradise

Prague Active

Prague Active  is a company organizing guided hiking and mountain bike tours in the picturesque Bohemian Paradise region. The beautiful Bohemian Paradise area is one of the most visited places in Czechia. For hundreds of years, this amazing region has been a magnet for artists, aristocrats and all kinds of people seeking beauty in nature. ...
Large Square, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové is a city in north-eastern Bohemia and the capital of the region with the same name. It belongs to the oldest cities in Czechia. At the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Orlice (where Hradec Králové is located), there was a settlement already in the times of ancient Rome. The first written mention ...
Bohemian Paradise - Rock Town

Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise, known in Czech as Český ráj, is a region and a protected landscape area about 90 kilometers north-east of Prague. It belongs to the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Czechia. Thanks to the spectacular beauty of the landscape and the high concentration of historic landmarks, the region has been very ...