Hiking Tours in Czechia

Hiking Tours in Czechia

Hiking is a great recreational activity, suitable for most people. It is a cardio workout, which will help you burn calories and grow muscles in your hips and lower legs. Its positive impact on health is undeniable. It can help you to improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Another benefit of hiking is that you get to spend time in nature and in many cases also in a picturesque scenery. Your lungs will thank you for the fresh air that will be of much higher quality than the one in cities. Czechia is a great destination for hiking tours. Most of the country has a hilly terrain and there are many regions with stunningly beautiful scenery. Czechia boasts four national parks (e.g. Šumava or Bohemian Switzerland) and many protected landscape areas (e.g. Bohemian Paradise). Many of these wonderful places are easily accessible from Prague, which is the country’s main magnet for foreign tourists. However, hiking without knowing the area can be tricky and it will be difficult to select the best trails. When you are coming as a tourist to a foreign country, usually you will have very limited, or no knowledge of the area. And in such cases, it is great to hike with an experienced local guide who knows the best trails. Below are some reputable hiking tour organizers who will take you to great places and do their best to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. You can use the filters below to narrow down the tours to the regions that you are interested in. To find also other interesting things to do in Czechia and use more advanced filters, please see the Activity Finder.
Day Trip from Prague to Saxon Switzerland - Bastei

Day Trip from Prague to Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland

If you are a nature lover, hiker or adventure seeker being on a visit to Prague, consider leaving the hustle and bustle of the city for one day. Instead, explore the beauties of National Parks Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland - the biggest area of sandstones in the whole Europe!
Day Trips From Prague - Karlstejn - Velka Amerika

Discover Karlštejn and Velká Amerika

Are you planning your Prague trip and looking for an alternative tour? Look no further! This small-group hiking tour will take you on the best one-day hike you can do near Prague. You will hike in one of the most beautiful parts of the Czech Republic called Bohemian Karst (Cesky kras). This protected nature area stretches ...
Hiking Tours Prague - Divoka Sarka

Prague Day Trips

Hi there, My name is Filip and I was born and raised in Prague. The Czech capital city can be overwhelmingly touristy. If you’re tired of the crowds in the Old Town, my tours offer a great alternative. I take visitors of Prague for half-day to full-day hiking trips to the most beautiful natural spots ...
Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland

Hiking Tours in Bohemian Switzerland

Experience the beauty of the stunning landscape of Bohemian Switzerland. Hike through the picturesque valleys and gorges, see unbelievable rock formations and take a picture of the largest arch in Europe – Pravčická Gate. Book a friendly guide for the whole day who is ready to provide interesting information about the place and prepare for ...
Hiking in Bohemian Paradise

Prague Active

Prague Active  is a company organizing guided hiking and mountain bike tours in the picturesque Bohemian Paradise region. The beautiful Bohemian Paradise area is one of the most visited places in Czechia. For hundreds of years, this amazing region has been a magnet for artists, aristocrats and all kinds of people seeking beauty in nature. ...