Sightseeing in Czechia

Czechia Photo Tours - South Bohemia

South Bohemia Photo Tour

Have you ever thought about combing travelling with learning photography? Explore the top 4 destinations in South Bohemia and take the best possible pictures in this beautiful region. Our Česky Krumlov & South Bohemia photo tour offers a completely unique and compelling array of image opportunities. Photographing this beautiful town with a professional local photographer makes all the difference. It…

Vltava Trail Tours

Vltava Trail Tours

The magnificent Vltava River like a silver thread flows through beautiful Czech landscapes, interweaving medieval towns, encircling fascinating castles and palaces to create the backdrop of Europe’s most beautiful city – Prague and then merging into the Elbe River. Come with us to follow the flow of the river which the Czechs call the Mother of the Rivers and visit…