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Ahoj! / Hello! My name is Tom and I am the author and owner of this website.

I spent about 10 years of my life working in foreign trade as a sales and marketing manager for two companies in Germany. During that career, I was always in charge of Central European markets and that included Czechia. I dealt with several leading Czech companies in my field on a daily basis. I visited my customers and attended trade fairs in Brno.

Those were great days! The stability was great! But it was also the same procedure every day. Day in, day out. The products were very good, but not really of interest to normal people. As time goes by, you grow out of certain things. There comes a day when you need to move on and try new things. Therefore I decided to do what I enjoy most.

Currently, I make my living as a travel photographer and web-designer. I love to travel and to explore new places. I have visited more than 30 countries on several continents. I liked all of them. All right, some of them I liked more than others.

One of the countries which I'd like to re-visit again and again happens to be the Czech Republic, also known as Czechia. OK, there are no beautiful beaches in Czechia. As a matter of fact, there is no sea at all in Czechia. But this medium-sized country in Central Europe makes up for it with other things. The capital city Prague belongs to my favourite cities in the world. But Czechia is much more than only Prague. There are lots of beautiful old towns, lots of castles, palaces and picturesque landscapes. And these are the kinds of places that I really enjoy visiting.

Personally, I like the sound and the melody of the Czech language and I am interested in broadly understood Czech culture. As a child, I watched Arabella, Krtek and laughed at Pat and Mat. I like Jaroslav Hašek's humour and I often listen to Jaromir Nohavica's music.

I enjoy creating modern websites that look good and I like to present information in a structured way using modern technologies. Before I visit any new country, I always try to gather as much information about its culture, history and the major sights as I can. The research helps me to plan my trips. And this is basically how the idea of Amazing Czechia was born: researching and presenting great places in a modern way to a worldwide audience.

If you have never been to Czechia and you like travelling, I strongly recommend visiting this country. By international standards, Czechia is a very safe country. If you don't do stupid things and you are reasonably careful, you will most probably enjoy the time spent there. Perhaps as much as I always have.

I cannot really speak Czech fluently, but I understand about 60% of written Czech and perhaps 40-50% of the spoken language. It depends on the sentence. With a dictionary I am able to understand much more. When I conduct research for this website, I often consult reputable Czech sources. Sometimes there are no English sources on the Internet at all and sometimes it is good to confirm certain facts with multiple sources.  You can write to me in Czech if you wish, but I will answer in English or German.

If you think this site is nicely designed and has useful features and you would like me to build a website for you, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you send me your requirements, I will gladly send you a quote.


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