Abstract Czech Background

Things to Know about Czechia

The Czech Lands and the Name of the Country
What to Call the Czech Lands
In the Czech case, the question of the country's name is a somewhat complicated matter. The formal name in the English language is "the Czech Republic", and for many years, ...
Czech Flag - Facts about Czechia
Things You Might Not Have Known
Czechia (also known as the Czech Republic) is a unique and fascinating country. Most people associate it with beer, the capital city of Prague or some of the famous sports ...
Plane Travel
Practical Tips for Tourists
The purpose of this page is to collect relevant and useful travel tips for English-speaking tourists travelling to Czechia. It may be also useful to expats and other people interested ...
Friends Talking at a Table
Useful Words and Phrases in Czech
Immersing yourself in a conversation with the locals is a great way to experience the country! Most Czechs realise their mother tongue is a bit tricky for English speakers or foreigners in general, ...