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Where to Stay in PragueThe Best Hotels in the Capital of Czechia

Even though Prague belongs to the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe and plays in the same league as e.g. London, Paris or Rome, hotel prices are significantly lower than in those cities. There is great competition between the hotels in Prague and a great variety of them, which probably is the main factor driving accommodation prices down in the Czech capital. The value for money in Prague is still excellent, although the prices went up a little bit in the recent years. You would pay much more for a hotel of a comparable class in most major European tourist destinations.

You can easily find a 4-star or even a 5-star hotel room in Prague in the price range EUR 100-200 per night. Bargain. Accommodation in an excellent 3-star hotel should cost you less than EUR 100 per night, often significantly less than that. Also backpackers should not be disappointed, as there are plenty of hostels in the Czech capital. Sometimes a low-cost hotel room in Prague can cost much less than a bed in a hostel room in another European major city.

So, where to stay in Prague? Below is a convenient map of available hotels, provided by Booking.com – one of the world’s most popular accommodation booking sites. Hovering over the prices will show you the details. Clicking on the prices will take you to the booking.com website, where you can finalize the booking. If you prefer specific recommendations, below the map there are some handpicked, great accommodation choices.

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Are you looking for unique accommodation in the Golden City? Below are some of the best hotels in Prague:

  • Corinthia Hotel Prague is an amazing 5-star hotel in the Czech capital. It is not located in the historic center, but this is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, some rooms offer stunning panoramic views of Prague, featuring Prague Castle, which would not be possible if the hotel was located in the very center of the Old Town. The metro station Vyšehrad is only a few steps away and getting to the Old Town doesn’t take long. It is a fairly large hotel with an indoor swimming pool, full-service spa and three restaurants. And what’s best, the price level can be so attractive that you might be surprised, if you book in advance. In Prague, the competition between hotels of all price ranges is quite big, and guests can benefit from that. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com
  • Grand Hotel Praha is an excellent 4-star hotel located in Old Town Square, opposite the famous Prague Astronomical Clock (a.k.a. Orloj)! The Orloj is a masterpiece of medieval engineering and design. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Prague. Crowds of tourists gather below the clock at every hour to watch a parade of wooden statues in the small windows above the clock. And this famous sight could be the view from your window, if you book the right room in Grand Hotel Praha. It is a relatively small hotel, so booking in advance is highly recommended, otherwise there might not be any vacancies. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com
  • Dancing House Hotel is an absolutely unique hotel in an iconic building designed by the world famous architects Frank Gerry and Vlado Milunić. This building, called the Dancing House, owes its name to its appearance. It is also known as Fred and Ginger, because some people think it resembles a pair of dancers. Because of its modern, deconstructivist design and its relative closeness to the Old Town of Prague, the building is quite controversial. Nevertheless, a few decades after its construction, it has achieved iconic status. The 4-star hotel takes up a small part of the Dancing House and offers fantastic views of the Vltava and Prague. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com
  • Boat Hotel Matylda is another unique hotel in Prague. Obviously, Prague is not Amsterdam, but yet it is possible to stay in a boat hotel, a.k.a. botel. It is a 4-star hotel, conveniently anchored on the Vltava river in the center of the city, not far from the Dancing House and the Old Town. It is next to the tram stop Jiráskovo náměstí. The Karlovo náměstí metro station is also nearby. The original Matylda boat has only 7 rooms. Because of its popularity, the hotel expanded to another boat. The newer Klotylda boat has additional 18 rooms. There is a restaurant on the Matylda boat. As it is a very unique hotel and the number of rooms is very limited, booking in advance is recommended. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com
  • One Room Hotel is perhaps the most exceptional hotel in Prague. As its name suggests, there is only one room in this hotel. Its location is also exceptional, because it occupies a floor in the famous, or notorious, if you will, Žižkov Television Tower. This one-of-a-kind room is situated at 68 m (223 ft) above ground, so the views from its windows are absolutely spectacular and breathtaking. There is a restaurant in the tower. It is relatively close to the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station. The hotel offers airport shuttle service. As there is only one room, it goes without saying that this hotel should be booked well in advance. It is a great offer for people desiring unique experiences. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com

Do you prefer solid mid-range hotels in good locations? Below are some of the best affordable hotels in the Czech capital:

  • Miss Sophie’s Downtown is an affordable 3-star hotel with rave reviews from guests. It is located in the city center, close to the main railway station and Wenceslas Square. The room decor is somewhat minimalistic, but at the same time stylish and very elegant, especially for a hotel in this price range. Many guests praise the hotel for its cleanliness. The Old Town is within walking distance, but using public transportation to get there will be more convenient. The nearby Wenceslas Square is the commercial center of Prague. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés in the vicinity.
    Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com
  • Hotel Liliova is an affordable, high-quality hotel in the Old Town. It is a 4-star hotel, but the price level is usually closer to 3-star hotels, if you book in advance. It is located only 200 meters from Charles Bridge, and a few minutes away from Old Town Square. It is a perfect location for all travelers who want to stay near the most popular sights without spending a lot of money. Because of the attractive price level, combined with very good reviews and the fantastic location, booking your room well in advance is a good idea. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com
  • Clarion Hotel Prague Old Town is another affordable 4-star hotel not far from the historic center of Prague. It is a very good good and attractively priced hotel in a very good location. The real highlight here, however, are the three rooftop apartments with terraces offering spectacular views of the Czech capital. Obviously, the rooftop apartments are somewhat more expensive than the standard rooms, but they are not very expensive. Especially in the low season, they can be booked at suprisingly low rates, considering the magnificent views. If that is still too expensive, booking a standard room at Clarion will be a great alternative. All in all, this hotel offers excellent value for money. Check the availability and book your room at: Hotels.com / Booking.com / Expedia.com