Hora Matky Boží, Králíky, Czechia

Pardubice Region

The Pardubice Region is an administrative division of the Czech Republic, located primarily in eastern Bohemia, but a small part of the region belonged historically to Moravia. The region is divided into the following districts: Pardubice, Chrudim, Svitavy and Ústí nad Orlicí.

As you might have guessed, the name of the region is derived from the name of its capital, Pardubice. It is an old city with quite a few interesting sights. It is internationally famous for the Great Pardubice Steeplechase, known in Czech as Velká pardubická.

Pardubice Region on the Map
Pardubice Center, Czechia

Below are some amazing places from the Pardubice Region. There’s more to come, so please come back later.

Pardubice is a city in eastern Bohemia and the capital of the region of the same name. Industry plays an important role in the city and Pardubice may not belong ...
Litomyšl Castle is the most important landmark in the small town of the same name in the Pardubice Region, in eastern Bohemia. It is one of twelve (as of 2017) ...