South Moravian Region

The South Moravian Region is an administrative unit of Czechia located in the south-eastern part of the country. As its name suggests, the region takes up the southern part of the historical land of Moravia, with its capital Brno. The small village of Jobova Lhota is the only Bohemian locality within the region’s borders. The region is divided into the following districts (okresy): Blansko, Břeclav, Brno-City, Brno-Country, Hodonín, Vyškov, and Znojmo.

South Moravian Region on the Map
Czech Name
Jihomoravský kraj
Capital City
7,194.56 km2 (2,777.84 sq mi)
Highest Elevation
819 m (2,687 ft)

The region is very famous for its wine production, and there are many vineyards, especially around Mikulov, Velké Pavlovice and Znojmo. As you can see above, the region even has grapes in its coat of arms!

There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the South Moravian Region: the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape in Břeclav District and the Tugendhat Villa in Brno. The region called Moravian Tuscany near the town of Kyjov is a paradise for landscape photographers.

Below are some amazing places to see in South Moravia. The list will be updated automatically as the website grows!

Podyjí National Park is a natural protected area in the South Moravian Region situated along the border with Austria between the towns of Znojmo and V…
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Bítov Castle is an enchanting neo-Gothic castle towering above the deep waters of Vranov Reservoir. It is located near the confluence of the meanderin…
The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (Lednicko-valtický areál) is an area in South Moravia encompassing the village of Lednice and the town of Valti…
Mikulov is a beautiful old town in South Moravia, in Břeclav District. The town boasts very well-preserved historic architecture. The highlight is Mik…
Moravian Tuscany, in Czech known as Moravské Toskánsko, is a very picturesque region in the southern part of Moravia. It is located in the Hodonín Dis…
Brno is a city in Moravia, relatively close to Czechia’s borders with Austria and Slovakia. It is the country’s second largest city after Prague and t…
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