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Moravian Tuscany

Moravian Tuscany, in Czech known as Moravské Toskánsko, is a very picturesque region in the southern part of Moravia. It is located in the Hodonín District, near the town of Kyjov. The most beautiful views you will find near the following villages: Šardice, Karlín na Moravě and Svatobořice. Interesting spots can be also found near Želetice, Čejkovice, Stavěšice, Velké Bílovice, Věteřov, Čejč, Hovorany, Strážovice and Archlebov.

It is one of the most beautiful regions in Czechia and perhaps one of the most underrated. The rolling hills bear a resemblance with the Italian region of Tuscany, and hence the name of the region. If you're a photographer or simply like to take landscape photos, you will enjoy Moravian Tuscany very much. Take a long zoom lens with you. Literally and metaphorically, you will have a field day!

You're still not convinced? Here is a small gallery demonstrating the beauty of Moravian Tuscany.

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