Plzeň Region

The Plzeň Region is an administrative unit of Czechia located in the south-western part of Bohemia. The region is divided into the following districts (okresy): Domažlice, Horažďovice, Horšovský Týn, Klatovy, Kralovice, Nepomuk, Nýřany, Plzeň and Přeštice. The capital of the region is the city of Plzeň, also known as Pilsen. It is world-famous for the Pilsner beer and the Škoda Works.

Pilsen Region on the Map
Czech Name
Plzeňský kraj
Capital City
Plzeň (Pilsen)
7,561 km2 (2,919 sq mi)
Highest Elevation
Velká Mokrůvka / Blatný vrch: 1,370 m (4,490 ft)
Plzen Region Coat of Arms

Below is a selection of amazing places in the Plzeň Region. To tell the truth, we don’t have much here, yet, but there is definitely more to come. So, please re-visit this page later.

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