Moravian-Silesian Region

The Moravian-Silesian Region is located in the north-eastern part of Czechia. There are six districts (okresy): Bruntál, Frýdek-Místek, Karviná, Nový Jičín, Opava, Ostrava-City. As the name of the region suggests, in the past it was divided between the historical lands of Moravia and Silesia. Even the region’s capital, Ostrava, has a Moravian part (Moravská Ostrava) and a Silesian one (Slezská Ostrava). The region is quite diverse. Industry plays an important role, but the region also has areas with beautiful mountainous landscapes and nature.

Moravian-Silesian Region on the Map
Czech Name
Moravskoslezský kraj
Capital City
5,426.83 km2 (2,095.31 sq mi)
Highest Elevation
Praděd: 1,491 m (4,892 ft)
Moravian-Silesian Region CoA
Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau, in Czech known as Zámek Hradec nad Moravicí, is a complex of buildings in the small town of the same name in the Silesian…
Praděd is a mountain in the Hrubý Jeseník range, on the border of the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc Regions. The mountain peak itself is situated in C…
Ostrava is the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the north-eastern part of Czechia. It is the third largest city of the country. The city is…
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