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Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is a stunningly beautiful town in southern Bohemia, and after Prague Czechia's second most visited tourist attraction. The historic center of the town was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1992. The historic center of Prague was inscribed at the same session and these were the first two Czech World Heritage Sites.

The architecture in the historic core of Český Krumlov has remained largely intact over the course of centuries. It is an excellent example of an old Central European town. There were many such towns all over Central Europe, but most of them suffered damages during wars or their architectural heritage was destroyed in order to make space for more "modern" buildings.

In contrast to the fate of many such towns, Český Krumlov evolved peacefully and managed to preserve its heritage. New generations added their contributions without completely destroying what they had inherited. The old architecture and the street layout was preserved to such an extent, that the town was designated a World Heritage Site.

Basic Facts
Český Krumlov
Historical Land
First Mentioned
13141 (2017)
22.16 km2 (8.56 sq mi)
Postal Code
381 01
Phone Area Code
(+420) 380
Nearest Int. Airport
Linz (LNZ)
Nearest/Main Train Station
Český Krumlov

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