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Weather in Czechia

Czechia has moderate continental climate with four seasons. Summers are relatively warm, but generally not as hot as in Southern Europe. The warmest months are: June, July and August. Winters can be quite cold and snowfalls may be frequent, especially at higher altitudes. The coldest months are December, January and February. Naturally, there are significant variations between places situated at different altitudes. It is much colder in the mountains than in the lowlands.

As in the case of other Central European countries, it is difficult to exactly predict the weather if you’re planning a trip to Czechia in advance. In the summertime, it may be hot and sunny or it may be not so warm and rainy. The same goes for the other seasons. When you’re packing your clothes, it’s good to prepare yourself for different types of seasonal weather. Even if you’re travelling in the warmer months, taking a raincoat and a sweater with you is a good idea. Just in case. If you come in the winter, you should definitely have a winter jacket. A scarf and gloves are also recommended from December to February. But don’t be surprised if you don’t have much use for them, because it may happen to be a mild winter. It may be -10° C (14° F) or it may be +10° C (50° F). Only if you stay in the mountains, can you be certain that winter temperatures will be very low.

Below you can have a look at the current weather in several major Czech cities, as well as forecasts for the upcoming days. All temperatures are in the Celsius scale. This information comes from OpenWeatherMap’s API and Amazing Czechia is not responsible for its accuracy.

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